Meal Prep Steps

fail to plan, or plan to fail .

Meal prepping will set you up for success. I personally do not like to meal prep longer then 4 days out. because I am picky but its really up to you. you can safely meal prep up to a week. if you do prep a week out make sure to freeze them and thaw them out the day before in the fridge. Here are some reasons why i think you should meal prep for success.

Learn to eat clean
Eating clean means eating primarily unprocessed, unrefined, whole foods. making habit of this will do so much good for your body.
Eating clean is the best way to loose weight or build lean muscle. This what you want to keep in mind at all times. If you are confused about what clean really is I would be happy to answer your questions.

Save time
Meal prepping may take a few hours to prepare but it will save you so much more time through out the week. Meal prepping will save you  from failing on moments like these. For most people who work, have kids and or have a busy schedule. We tend to lead into temptation in a time crunch. Eliminate that option out of your life for good.

Portion control
preparing meals in advance is a sure way to know how much you are consuming. Measuring your food is good practice for understanding what a true serving size of food is. Also a very certain way to keep tract of calories and macros.

EAT for you
Eating healthy can be difficult when your family and friends aren’t as serious as you. Meal prepping allows you to eat healthy even when there may be tempting foods around. If you have certain goals to meet then there are healthier choices you need to make in order to succeed.


Organizing Tips ♥

Write it down
Food list
Writing out a list before you go to the store eliminates buying sugary, processed, and junk food. When you don’t have this kind of food in the home you are less likely to give in. This method eliminates temptations most of the time.

Meal Log
Writing down what you eat for the day helps you keep tract of what you consume. Especially when you have certain macros goals to meet.
Preparing meals allows accountability of what you eat, but if you write down what you ate by the end of the day you will be able to have a visual of your macronutrients. but you want to make sure you eat the meals you make. One of my favorite ways to keep tract is by using a app called Fitnesspal. It allows you to input or even scan items you eat and tells you exactly how many macro nutrients you consumed or need in order to meet your goal. If you are clueless on macro nutritionist I have a short free coaching to all my clients. Message me for details 😉


Last but not least my favorite tip ………. ♥


Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every once in awhile! I personally dislike restrictive diets but don’t go to crazy. There are limits and restrictions when your have certain goals to meet. Its great when you can make a healthy version of your cheat meals. Learning to do so can benefit your goals and you can make those meals cheats. Base your cheat meal on your goals. Remember make it a cheat MEAL not cheat DAY ! Enjoy your meal and move forward is the best way. What I Personally do after a cheat meal or even before. I keep my meals before or after  SUPER CLEAN and low in carbs and fat. To help balance my macros. Mostly thats just helps me feel less guilty about my guilty pleasures! Enjoy not indulge!

Fail to plan or plan to Fail
Good luck!!!

DeAndra, Lovetofitness