I am DeAndra Rodriguez-Turner Creator of LoveToFitness.  Love to Fitness is all about learning to LOVE yourself and by taking all the steps to learning to love fitness to be the better fitter, stronger, healther version of yourself .Its a fun and exciting journey, It may not always be easy but its always rewarding. Make your fitness journey a life style not a chore. Learn to love the process With self love.

Who am i? I am a mom to a super active wonderful boy and another baby boy on the way . A wife to a u.s airman, a daughter. I am a fitness enthusiast, Certified personal trainer, a motivator, singer, song writer, poet , adventurist and a nature lover who is currently living in california again but spent 3 years in oahu hawaii but born and raised in the city of San fernando, California for 23years.

Why did I become a trainer ? I Spend Most my life working on my music career. In the process of trying to get in shape for my performances, photo shoots. I began to fall in love with the fitness lifestyle and how it made me feel. in the beginning I Struggled with consistency and my nutrition wasn’t the best. so getting to my goals dragged slowly. I often thought about being a personal trainer before but i dedicated alot of my time  and money into music school. I was to afraid to start completely from scratch in a career field I knew nothing about. I thought I’d never have the guts to actually go through with it, Until i did. After being pregnant and moving from california to hawaii with my husband. I Gained a lot of weight from eating unhealthy and not exercising as much as I use to. Feeling depressed about being over weight  and weak after giving birth to my son that was my biggest obstacle . I spent most of my time and focus on being the best mother I can be to my son.  when realizing how out of shape i was. I needed to be the best  I can be for myself and for my son. so I began to take the steps into creating a healthy fit life style and steps into becoming a certified trainer. I Learned a lot and gained the experience and confidence in my self and my training. I had to set an example for other so i pulled my self together. I reached my goals and created Bigger goals. I want to use my knowledge to help others to be healthy, to be strong , to be fit ,get the body they desire, to build self confidence or even to use exercise as a form of therapy to relieve stress. I know what it feels like to lose your self and I know how good it feels to get your self back. Being who you want to be feels great getting there will be hard but not impossible. Every step you take makes you one step closer to your goals.

About my Training: Every trainer has there own style of training. Some stick to the same type of style and some like to change it up, as for me my training depends on the individual I am working with. My training is a mixture of styles into my sessions such as weight training, Resistance training, Plyometrics training and high intensity interval training. Some days I will stick to a certain style and some day i will switch it up or mix it up. Every stlye of training can be beneficial for ones growth and I recommend at least trying something before giving up with the exception of injury. but i also think its important to listen to my clients needs. I will be here to push, motivate and make sure that my client is doing there work outs correctly to reduce or prevent injury, as well as being my clients mentor. because i believe the mind as more to do with your capability then any thing.

I offer on one sessions, partner and group training and online training and also have couple online programs.  I also offer meal plans, macro calculations. I also offer a short nutrition and supplement coaching Free to all of my clients.

Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)

Strength and conditioning (ISSA)
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)
Specialist in Exercise Therapy(ISSA)

To Be Continued…….