Booty Tranformation

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      Booty Transformation Plan (Home edition)“

Are you at a lost at what to do to maximize your booty work outs?

Is going to the gym not or a limited option for you?

If you want fast results on lifting your butt and making it bigger, the healthy way straight from home!

                                         Then lets get started !!

what does this plan include :

  • A strategic 6 week work out plan
  • The best booty/ leg workouts
  • Plyometrics, resistance training and high intensity interval training
  • Video descriptions
  • Weekly check ins/progress reports with personal adjustments to your programs as needed.
  • Nutrition and supplementation Coaching
  • The Macro science of booty growing foods

*For a personalized nutrition plan I Offer 10% off with the purchase of this program.  For details about the nutrition plans see “nutrition plans” Located in services*

“Warning side effect may include a sexier bigger much more lifted butt . increased energy and confidence. Toned legs and  you may receive attention from people around you ! “


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